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Company Profile

Name Position
Greg Snow Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Eric Overfield Co-Founder and President
Jason Reckers Chief Operations Officer
Corrie Haffly Senior Multimedia Developer

Greg Snow, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Greg Snow is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Advantrics LLC. Greg, along with President, Eric Overfield, founded Advantrics LLC in 1998.

Since that time, Greg has been instrumental in formulating and implementing a strategy that has resulted in Advantrics becoming a leader in complete Internet solutions. Realizing the highly fragmented nature of the Internet industry, Greg recognized the need for a well-structured and well-funded organization to enter the market and become the source for Internet solutions. Advantrics has combined strong product brands and already-established customer relationships with proprietary Internet technology to provide the right products for the right people at the right time.

Prior to Advantrics, Greg worked directly in business system design, analysis and implementation for more than 15 years.  As a YCBOR MLS Committee member, Mr. Snow helped build and deploy a large, regional, VAX based Multiple Listing System. Greg's previous positions in IT were with The Prudential, California Realty, Snow and Associates, Inc. and Webhaus Publishing. 

Eric Overfield, Co-Founder and President

Eric Overfield is Co-Founder and President of Advantrics LLC. Eric, along with CEO, Greg Snow, founded Advantrics LLC in 1998.

Since that time, Eric has been responsible for the day-to-day operation and well-being of Advantrics. Eric has led the company's migration to utilize the latest Internet technologies including Macromedia Flash. He has been instrumental in bringing together a great team of Graphical Artists and Software Engineers capable of producing tomorrow's sites and designs. 

Prior to Advantrics, Eric started two successful businesses while completing his BS degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California, Davis.

Jason Reckers, Chief Operations Officer

Jason Reckers joined the Advantrics team in 2000, with a successful background providing consulting services in the design and implementation of computer networks. He has built on his BS in Business from California State University, Sacramento and customer relation training to develop successful strategies focused on meeting the customers needs and building long-term relationships.  His responsibilities include: managing product development and sales, developing strategic partnerships, and identifying and managing corporate acquisitions and expenditures.

Prior to Advantrics, Jason held positions in network consulting and design at Inland Business Systems, marketing and network administration with a Sacramento-based Trade Association, along with related contractual service for CalFed Bank, River Delta School District, and a number of Northern California small companies.

Corrie Haffly, Senior Multimedia Developer

Corrie Haffly graduated from the University of California at Davis with a BS degree in Math, but has used her strong design and web programming skills to increase the impact of Advantrics' brands. Corrie is involved in the concept development, graphic design, and implementation of Advantrics products and sites, and oversees the product development and growth of John Galt's Tools. She also enjoys helping others to learn, and expresses this through excellent customer service and by writing numerous articles and tutorials for Advantrics' products.